Tool handling / tool panels

Whether it is tool or fixture handling, we can provide the optimized tool panel for you and your process.

An ergonomic and efficient workplace design allows you to reduce the tool supply to a minimum. The risk of tripping that is caused by loose cables and hoses is thereby avoided and the rapid accessibility of tools, power supply, small parts and attachments as well as fixtures is guaranteed. This shortens your cycle times thanks to a reduction in travel distances.

Application examples

Technical specifications

Design variations

  • floor-mounted
  • wall-mounted, with a mounting console


Media supply 

  • compressed air
  • electricity
  • EDV
  • nutrunner controls
  • process monitoring
  • scanner


  • pneumatic brakes on all pivot bearings
  • compressed air supply incl. maintenance unit (pressure reducer, fine filter, oil separator, etc.)
  • compatible with all common operating equipment suppliers
  • comprehensive range of tool holders, clamps, trays, and boxes
  • endless rotation at column and tool panel
Custom designs are available upon request.
Basic unit Load capacity [kg] Working radius [mm] Slewing range [°]
Z-KM 150 4000 330

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