Electric rope balancers

Our electric rope balancers are the perfect lifting equipment for manufacturing facilities with no pneumatical air supply available. The rope balancers are designed to position and transport loads with precision. Operators are able to combine loads with components intuitively, without the use of additional control buttons.

Application examples

Technical specifications

Design variations

  • ceiling-mounted and traversable in a suspension crane or rail system
  • stationary when mounted on a pivot arm


Control options

  • continuous up / down control with hand force
  • intuitive hand force detection

Features / Benefits

  • plug & play-ready
  • fully adaptable operating modes for specific guiding and joining tasks
  • ergonomic control handle for fatigue-free working
  • permanent load monitoring promotes safety
  • easy-to-service with plug & play connections
  • electronic control via D-Grip, including connection cable for PC and parameterization software (CD)
Basic unit Load capacity [kg] Stroke [mm] Lifting speed [m/min]
Z-BE 100 2000 0-42

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