Carbon Series

ZASCHE handling, a leading provider for load handling technology, unveils its new series of carbon-fiber handling solutions. Engineered in close consultation with a renowned German university, the low-weight Carbon series offers high performance that does not compromise on safety. The product is immediately available around the world in articulated arm and lifting axle formats.

With this launch, ZASCHE is proposing a new way forward in industrial material handling. Compared to regular industrial manipulators, the Carbon series realizes an impressive 75% weight savings, providing users with an efficient manual handling device of very low inertia. This feature encourages employee acceptance on the shop floor, as it ensures that device dead weight is kept lower than a workpiece’s mass.

“Often, workers fall back to old ways when new equipment does not seem to improve working conditions,” commented Erwin Wagner, Managing Director, ZASCHE Handling. “Our product development process considers the fact that manual workstations are subject to increasingly higher requirements of ergonomics and hand forces. At ZASCHE, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that meets customers’ felt needs, and the Carbon series attests to our commitment.”

Carbon Series – Technical Data

Articulated Arm Lifting Axle
payload – up to 80 kg payload – up to 80 kg
maximum working radius – 3.8 m torque – 400 Nm
several options of lifting controls available stroke – up to 1,200 mm
floor- or ceiling-mounted possible dead weight – 18 kg

Technische specifications

Control options

  • one, two, or multiple load balancing
  • up/down control, with and without no-load balancing
  • intuitive hand force detection
  • safety functions, such as gripper safety release

Features / Benefits

  • electro-pneumatic brakes
  • maintenance unit
  • slewing angle sensor
  • mobile base plate
  • endless rotation at the column

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