Light crane systems

We can offer you a large number of tailor made single or double girder crane systems from various steel or aluminum profiles from a comprehensive modular system.

Technical specifications

Design variations

  • according to requirements

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Pneumatic rope balancers

The pneumatic rope balancer is especially suitable for positioning loads with great sensitivity and for complex joining and assembly tasks. The load …

  • max. 100 kg
  • max. 2000 mm
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Telescopic lifting devices

Telescoping lifting devices are moved up and down by electrically actuated chain hoists using internally or externally running chains. They are ...

  • max. 1500 kg
  • max. 2000 mm
  • max. 5000 Nm
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Lifting axes

Lifting axes are usually pneumatically powered and perform a linear stroke. They are used for the rigid, eccentric guidance of the ...

  • max. 1000 kg
  • max. 1200 mm
  • max. 2500 Nm
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