Pivot arms

These pivot arms are combined with rope balancers. An extremely comfortable handling for the machine operator is achieved by mounting the hoist on the column, whereby only the low mass of the secondary arm needs to be moved.

The operator can choose between different model series - depending on the component weight - to achieve the optimum ratio between payload and moving mass.

Especially for low payloads we can recommend our carbon series. Compared to the steel version, the dead mass is reduced by 75%. This considerably increases the productivity, joining accuracy and worker acceptance of your employees.

Technical specifications

Design variations

  • floor-mounted on a column
  • ceiling-mounted stationary
  • ceiling-mounted and traversable in a suspension crane or rail system


Control options

  • one, two or multiple load balancing control
  • up/down control with and without no-load balancing
  • intuitive hand force detection control
  • safety functions, such as gripper release
  • and many more



  • pneum./electr. brakes
  • maintenance unit
  • slewing angle sensor
  • mobile base plate
  • endless rotation at the column
  • and many more
*at 6 bar mains pressure / Special designs are possible upon request!
Basic unit Load capacity [kg] Working radius [mm] Lifting speed [m/min] Slewing range [°]
Z-KL 80* 3200 0-60 330
Z-KMP 80* 3800 0-60 330
Z-KC 80* 4000 0-60 330
Z-KME 80 4000 0- 35 330
Z-KME 125 3500 0- 35 330
Z-KME 160 3000 0- 35 330

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